Doug was introduced to photography when he received his first camera in college. His interest in color photography grew while he pursued a full-time career in biomedical research in Berkeley, Seattle, Boston, Washington, D.C., and Portland.  Several years ago, he left R&D to devote himself fully to a career in photography. His artistic interests have focused on four areas: floral images, landscapes, wild birds, and abstracts.  



Working exclusively in color, Doug moved from 35 mm transparency film to the digital format in 2003.  His goals have remained constant: to bring to the viewer’s attention those scenes which might otherwise be overlooked, emphasizing the beauties of line, form and color which are present in nature.



Seeking full control over his craft, Doug prints all of his own images, using pigment-based inks to guarantee longevity of prints.  Images are available in sizes ranging from 5 x 7 inches to 22 x 28 inches. He prefers medium and large-sized prints for their superior ability to display the rich, vibrant colors, full tonal range, and image detail which he seeks to share with his audience.  He also does his own matting and framing, using acid-free materials to enhance durability of images.



Equipment:  Most images have been captured digitally with a Canon 5D 12.8 MP SLR and professional level “L” lenses.  Images are printed on heavyweight satin paper using a Canon IPF5000 wide format printer.  The new pigment-based inks support vibrant colors and should retain their color balance and intensity for 100 years provided images are framed behind glass.